Julien Gelmar

Full Stack Developer

I am Julien Gelmar, 20 years old and I live in Germany. I am creating websites since I am 11. I also love to play games, develop random projects and learn new stuff. I also am an avid listener to Electronic Dance Music.

Work Experiences

Lead Web Developer
2018 - Present

Craig's Setup Shop is a project I did for a friend to help him out a bit. It is not really a job, but it is a platform that is used by decent amount of paying customers and I am extending it heavily in my free time. The website consists of the following:

  • V1 used a lot of TailwindCSS mixed in with VueJS
  • V2 used a Bootstrap template where I basically started from scratch and introduced features like team plans
  • Discord OAuth Login
  • PayPal Payments, originally it used Braintree for recurring payments but I had to remove it because of reasons that weren't in my control.
  • Syncing over Discord roles using the Discord API to handle role management and to keep users in one place to announce things
  • Electron application using Vue, Axios and OAuth to make use of the platform easier
Junior Web Developer
2016 - Present

Agentur Denkwunder is my first job ever in the business of Web Development. I took the chance to work for a good friend of mine and have learned a lot since I started there. Our customers go from Bild over Giga and Hyundai to Lioncast. My work there consists of:

  • Creating front- and backend applications using Laravel or Lumen
  • Creating websites using PHP and JavaScript
  • Creating web apps using Vue and Ionic
  • Working closely together with the customer to give him the best service
  • Working with different APIs all around the net to assure we have the data we need
  • Working with Git for version control


A Levels

Adalbert-Stifter-Gymnasium Passau
2008 - 2017
I graduated german high school with the best degree possible, allowing me to study in universities. My high school was specialized on natural sciences, preparing me well for my future endeavours in the computer science area.

B.Sc Computer Science

University of Passau
2017 - Current
I am currently going through my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Professional Skills

HTML5 CSS3 Git Electron NodeJS MySQL
Laravel PHP Vue Angular Ionic JavaScript PWA




Laravel 4 application with a Bootstrap frontend


Vue & BulmaCSS accessing a JSON API


Plain HTML & CSS Landing Page


Electron application with Vue and an API.

Get in Touch

I'm currently happily employed but you can always shoot me a message if you need help and I can see what I can do :)

Drop me a line at [email protected]